Monday, January 25, 2010

Balancing Act.

I got this exercise thing down to an art.  I do 2 hours of spinning a day combined with a 4 hour day Saturday with just one day off.  Throw in my 2 bodypump classes I teach and that rounds out my week out pretty well.  I will be adding a 1 hour short track skate session this week but that isn't a biggie.  I give myself extra breaks when I feel worn down but other than that, I feel great. 

Nutrition on the other hand sucks ass.  I just CAN'T seem to say no to the foods I like.  Even while filling out my food journal and seeing how well I have done, I will reach for a chocolate bar all the while saying "stay away from that"!  I feel bipolar most days.  It is a serious roadblock for me.  I will start my day with oatmeal or bran, water, apple sauce and everything will be going great.  I will walk up to the caff for some salad and come back with homefries, bacon and buttery toast.  I literally can't help myself.  I feel possessed.

I am thinking of going to see a hypnotist.  I hear they can help with this kind of mental block.  If I can get my food routine to match my workout routine, hell I will be smokin by the summer. 

And I am tired of hearing people say "find the balance", "don't deny yourself", "cheat everyday"....blah blah.  The only people who say that have 6 pack abs. 

No matter what anyone tells you, nutrition is the factor in weight loss that is by far the hardest to conquer.

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