Monday, April 12, 2010

Sad State

People need to relax.  They need to stop over-thinking things and accept certain truths.  We as a society need to take a step back from the world of "politically correct" statements.  Everyone, it seems, are just raring to fight over anything.  So sad.  Why are we so angry?

What bugs me the most today is people's inability to take a compliment or hear a statement without jumping to conclusions.  If a woman I see everyday has a new haircut, I might just say "hey, that is a great new "do" you have".  That doesn't mean I am going to stalk you and break into your home and rape you til the sunrise.  So don't give me that look.  Just say thanks, feel good about yourself and move along.  If I say, wow, that is a great Lu Lu Lemon yoga top your wearing, don't cover your breasts as if I have just slapped them.  I wasn't drooling when I said it nor was I reaching out for a grab.  Just say thanks.

I especially like when I say something like "I don't know why she is with him....he isn't handsome at all".  OMG, the looks I get for that one.  Excuse me, I am totally capable of judging someones appearance.  I am not blind.  And if I approach you at the gym and ask where you bought your cycling jersey because I think it awesome, don't freak out.  I am asking you about spandex, not where you bought your jock strap.  GAWD. 

What is it with people.  Are we all slowly moving into a direction where social interaction will eventually fade away only to be replaced by text messages and smiley faces?  Spare me.

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