Monday, May 17, 2010

Speed and Distance

I find it odd that when I talk about speed or distance to friends, (non racers), that they always say things like "that isn't very fast" or "that doesn't seem far". 

They always relate back to driving in their cars.  Yes I agree that doing 35kph in a car seems slow but lace up 100mm wheels on your feet and try it.  Better yet, try skating or cycling for 42k at that speed. 

People's perception of distance is also quite funny.  Everything is a mile or "k" away.  The store is a mile away.  My work is a 5 miles away....etc.  Even though the store is a 2 min walk and your work is around the corner. 

I overheard this lady this past weekend, while talking about the marathon here in town, say to her friend who just finished the half marathon:  "well 21k doesn't really count as a marathon".  Umm hello, YOU try running 21k you pudgy bitch!!  I was shocked and gave her the "WTF" look of disapproval.  Some support system.

To me, any accomplishment that has exceeded your best speed, distance or time is something you should feel proud of.

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