Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Fear - Cycling 101

So let me cut right to the chase.  When does the fear subside? 

Last night, I headed out to the Gats again for a 43k hill session with Catherine, Alicia, Doris, Marcel and Mel.  All of them accomplished cyclists, moreso Doris, Mel and Marcel who pull in some major km's per week and compete regularily.

Although I bitch and complain the entire time, I really do enjoy the hard climbs.  It is where I excel in fact.  My tennis legs let me hunker down and power through the hill climbs better than anyone other than maybe Marcel.  My problem however, is the downhills.  They scare the shit out of me.

The pro packs and elite riders are whipping by me at top speeds of well over 70kph.  I on the other hand am braking the entire time only reaching the mid 50's and being scared even at that pace.  I am sooooo out of my comfort zone but feel like a wuss the whole time.  I watch my friends scorch past me with huge smiles of enjoyment while I am paniced and look pale.  lol 

Does the fear of speed ever go away?

Photo by:  OregonVelo (Flickr)


Anonymous said...

Great blog ... does the fear ever leave? I don't know because I too struggle with the huge downhill speed on my skates. I feel so out of control and I'm worried I'll crash and burn. I wish I had an answer. ~sktngirl~

lifein360 said...

For some reason, on skates I feel way more in control. But on a bike, I feel so useless.

Anonymous said...

Huh ... I'm just the opposite. I feel more in control on a bike. ~sktngirl~

lifein360 said...

but do you feel that safe when your doing 60kph down a mountain?

Anonymous said...

I dunno ... I don't think I've ever gone that fast on a bike ... maybe 45 kph max. I brake alot. On my skates I just feel really shaky. It happened the other day when we did a monster hill. I got going too fast and was freaking. ~sktngirl~