Sunday, June 6, 2010

Not Dead

First off, I have to say thanks to the fates.  At the beginning of 2010 I asked for 4 things and each has been delivered with lots of hard work and dedication.  However, I totally respect the universe and know that it has had a part to play. 

So as of today I start anew.  Totally new job, new home in a new province and a brand new car that was delivered today.  Now I need to work harder on the physical and all should come to a nice balance.

This is what I wanted so I better step up to the plate and deliver.

Hope you will all join me in my journey.


EndorphinBuzz said...

Good luck with the new everything. Glad I can finally comment...

lifein360 said...

Thx. I had no idea that anon comments were not allowed on LJ. Had I known I would have switched a long time ago.