Monday, July 19, 2010

The Ottawa Grand Prix

The Grand Prix was this weekend and although I toyed with the idea of doing it, I quickly reminded myself that I hadn't put in nearly as much training as what would be needed.  Even in the novice division.  I would have been a joke in other words although I have no problem coming in last.  It is the attempt that counts.  Then another thought hit me.  I am sooooo not comfy in cycling packs that this race would have been my worst nightmare.  Here's why.

A downhill excelleration at 60kph in a pack = terror.


Terror = this. 

However, a hill climb in a pack is not so fear instilling.  I'd still be at the back though.  Probably crying.

Maybe by next year I will be able to join the novice ranks.  Their average speed for this 2000ft ascent is between 28 and 36.  My average is still in the lower 20's I believe.  I will confirm later tonight as I did in fact do the race loop once the actual race was over and I recorded all my numbers.

Grand Prix - by Jeffrey Furry

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