Thursday, July 22, 2010

Slower traffic stay right.

My pet peeve meter has been going off like crazy these past few weeks.  Especially when it comes to people traffic.  Some reminders....

1.  In general, stay to the right.  Like minded people will travel in one direction and will most likely stay to the right.  People who walk forward down a hallway and stay to the left need to be pushed into the wall.  This applies to shopping malls, grocery stores etc.

2.  If you are walking slowly (on the right) go even further to the right if you see/hear or even assume someone behind you is faster.  Don't walk in the middle or to the left.  You will most likely get a rude comment when you are being passed on the left. 

3.  Now that I think about it, the auto traffic laws are basically the same.  Follow them.

4.  If you decide to stop in front of revolving doors, at the bottom or top of escalators or in front of an elevator to to talk, pull out your phone, text of riffle through your purse, you WILL be shouldered out of the way.  By me anyway. 

5.  Stay out of the bike lanes.  Whether your a car or a walker, get the hell out of the way.

6.  Ladies, when in a coffee line, have your money ready.  Nothing is more annoying than when you plop your purse on the counter, unzip it and go digging for change.  For god's sake have it ready.  It is the same price as yesterday...and the day before that.

7.  Single file on an escalator.  Nuff said.

Leaving 8, 9 and 10 for you guys.


rabidrunner said...

8) When you tell your kids to get out of the way and they either do nothing or move more in the way.

9) People who talk on the phone while conducting linear business (ie, coffee, groceries, banking, strip clubs.)

10) You guys drive on the right? (grin)

lifein360 said...

I am going to forgive you, just this once, for that slight on your Northern neighbors. Don't make me bring up health care on you!!

rabidrunner said...

Hah. That was funny. What's health care?

lifein360 said...

Now THAT was funny.