Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You would think.

You would think that being friends with people for several years that they would get to know your sense of humor.  You would think...right?  Well think again. 

Twice now, in the span of about 2 weeks, things that I have said have been misunderstood and are causing grief.  In fact, one person actually got upset.  Seriously people, EVERYTHING I say is for a laugh.  When I complain or bitch, it is not because I am truly complaining, it is just a joke.  When I have something serious to say, you will know it.  My mood instantly changes. 

And when I do relay a story or something I have experienced recently, I make it sound interesting.  Like right now, during this heatwave, I will say things like... "it was so hot during training today I swear my wheels started to melt on the pavement".  Now if you turn around and give me a look that reads "that is a lie" then your a damn idiot.  Of course it isn't true damnit, I was trying to get a point across.  Gawd.

Now that the big 40 has passed, watch out.  If you misunderstand me now, I will make sure you are corrected right then and there.  And if you fail to have a sense of humor when I try to make a joke I will also call you out and tell you to relax and remove that timbre from your ass!!  Trust me, most of you know me to be very outspoken and black and white in my don't want me to NOT to be making jokes and such because you would all be crying and I wouldn't have any friends.  What good would that be.

My tolerance for attitude is dwindling fast bitches.  Consider yourselves schooled.


gaborkmetyko said...

... and you are right.

rabidrunner said...

Hey man, I'm a member of that choir you're preaching to!