Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Montreal 24 Hour Relay

It is only days away from the 24hr relay race in Montreal and I am counting my lucky stars I am not on any of the elite or fitness teams.  I am totally looking forward to an easy event full of sleep and food.  Of course I will try to beat my previous best lap times.  Duh.  I think my fastest last year was 9:40 for 5k.  Which is on average about 31kph.  It was at night and I had an awesome pack with a tail wind.  As if I could skate that speed alone.  Not likely. 

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, check out last years video.  It focuses on more of the social skater but you get the main idea.


Anonymous said...

The fitness teams seem to be getting faster and faster every year. I notice that some elite skaters have joined fitness teams. ~sktngirl~

lifein360 said...

Well no one in the past could compete with the Ottawa team. We were simply the best. ;) But I think the pressure of those elite teams take the fun out of the event for a lot of people. Will you be there?

Anonymous said...

You're probably right about taking the fun out of it for them. We decided earlier this year to spend the money on the Boston trip instead. I thought I'd be okay with that but the closer we get to the day, I'm really wishing we'd put together a team. I really love the social aspect of it all. ~sktngirl~