Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No Criterium Races for me

So after digging through tons of information about how the cycling races structures work here in Canada, it looks like there is really no point in racing criteriums from year to year.  At least for me.

Seems that for general competitors, there are no points given.  I can understand that logic.  However, if you want points, only the first 15 racers get them.  Anyone past that and forget it.  Seeing the amount of racers who did the Gatineau event only a few weeks ago, there is really no point in me joining that group of guys and gals.  They are simply at another level altogether.  I would just end up being embarrased. 

But the problem doesn't end there.  There are just so few if any "General Competitor" races here.  I wonder if this is a common issue in the cycling world? I guess if you want to race with the big boys, you have to put in the years and years of training and work your way up.  I can relate as it took me over 10 years to finally start competing with the tennis big guns.  Then even longer to start winning decent cash.

At least there are tons of tours and charity events in the National Capital Region so I guess I will have to use them in order to satisfy my "racing" urge.  Oh well, sometimes you can dream big....but in the end they just remain dreams.  I will have to continue to live life vicariously through SkiBikeJunkie, BikeRackHeads and Fat Cyclist.

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