Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Elite Upgrade

Every once in a while I get a glimps of someone else's reality which inevetably throws MY reality into a tailspin.  Case in point....

On an almost daily basis, I will post my fitness achievements for that day on my Facebook, or here (locked for private) just so that I can remind myself of my accomplishments.  (People don't do that enough in my opinion).  For example, on Tuesday I posted about my awesome 60km cycle around the Ottawa/Hull region.  Nice and fast cadence...about 37-40kph.  I pat myself on the back and continue to surf.

I eventually move on and read some of my fav cycling blogs like "SkiBikeJunkie", "Fat Cyclist" and "Dug" where they describe THEIR training.  So just the other day SBJ wrote about his latest cycling adventure in the Lotoja race in Utah.  An awesome race report with tons of detail and some nice pics. 

So after reading his post, let's just say my days of patting myself on the back for a 60k ride are over.  This crazy bastard cranked out a 332km race over the course of just over 9 hours.  Umm ya, you read that right.  It is the longest one day race offered by the USA Cycling Federation and is about 7 hours too long for me.  I can't even fathom doing anything like that.  It would never enter my mind.  I can't stay awake 9 hours without needing a nap on an average day for god's sake.  Oh ya, and he describes some of his straight away attacks doing 50kph+.  I can't even count that high without making the Cookie Monster laugh. 
Alas, I used to think this guy was one of know, the normal guy....but alas, that ideal has been shattered.  No more relating to him.  I will have to upgrade him to the elite category where I hold people I admire.  Crap, that group is getting pretty full.  Are there any average Joes and Joannes out there anymore?  Sheesh.


rabidrunner said...

I'm an average Joanne. Pick me! Pick me!

You're a funny one. Glad to find you. Oh and just between you and me, that Lotoja performance surprised the snot out me. So much so that I sent him an e-mail gushing about how proud I am of him, which subsequently made the Grouch laugh.

You and me? We can make muppets laugh. There should be a pro category for that.

lifein360 said...

You are sooooo not average. I couldn't run around the block. And no one wear's an 80's baseball cap like you! ;)

Ya, that result of his was a bit crazy. I can't even imagine. I feel like I know someone famous...well six degree kind of thing anyway.