Monday, September 27, 2010

Gallery Showing

I was having dinner with a friend of mine who owns a spa here in Ottawa.  Beautiful place.  Stunning really.  Anyway, he offered me the chance of a lifetime.  He wants to know if I would be willing to hang my art in his spa for a few months.  He would do a mini "opening" gala and then I would use the spa as a gallery to promote and sell my stuff.  Free of charge!  He plans on changing artists every 2 months but still...this is a big deal for me.  If I can get in there twice a

Anyway, I said yes of course and drew up some new sketches and pulled out some old projects I had stored away.  I popped in my ipod and started getting creative to a 6hr non stop pop mix I have.  (best mix evah!!)

So I finished a new piece yesterday which was supposed to be my first piece in the collection I am doing for the spa.  Problem is, the moment, I mean within 5 minutes of posting it on my website (, it sold.  Just like that.  Now don't get me wrong, I love a sale but now I have to start all over again.  ;)  Just teasing.  Here is piece number one.  It is called SunSpot.  Sold for 200$ in my fastest sale ever. 


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cor on both the quick sale, but especially the gallery showing ... that is awesome!! ~Christine~

lifein360 said...

Thanks Christine. I was/am very excited about it. Not sure what styles I should represent. Lots of good pressure.