Saturday, September 4, 2010


So here I am in Montreal to play in one of the last tennis tournys for me in the season.  Normally I am calm and relaxed just chillin waiting for my matches to come up.  This time around, I have a pretty intense case of the jitters.  Not sure what is going on.  Butterflies, bathroom trips ;), and all around nerves.  What is going on?  I have been competing in this sport since I was almost 12 and can't remember many times when I felt like this.  This isn't the US tour, it's not the European tour....THOSE I had reason to be nervous.  Not sure what is up with me this time around.  The weather here in Montreal is cool and cloudy.  Seems everyone is getting a bite of that storm in the US.  I hope they vent out the venue.  I heard last night that the indoor temp on the courts were over 38 degrees.  Not fun when mixed with almost 100% humidity. 

Anyway, my matches don`t start until noon but I feel like I need to be at the site.  So I am going to enjoy my coffee and then hit the road.  Maybe if I am there watching other matches, my nerves will calm down.  Can`t hurt.

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