Friday, September 24, 2010


Last week on Facebook, I asked all my friends to post their top 5 books.  After waiting a day or two, I realized that most of my friends don't read....or maybe can't.  Who knows?  I don't judge.  ;)  

A few got back to me with some suggestions and I went and ordered a crapload from Chapters that night.  I ebooked one selection in particular because many people had it on their list.  It took me two days to finish it and I have to say, I wasn't impressed.  No idea how or why it won a Pulitzer.  Anywhoo, what I failed to do was list some of my all time favs.  Just in case anyone cares...

In no particular order:

The Life of Pi. 
I really enjoyed this book, except for a section in the middle which I found had no relation to the rest of the book.  The ending, although brilliant, made me so mad I threw the book across the room.  It tested my beliefs and totally had me thinking.

One (by Richard Bach)
This book basically changed my life.  The concept of it really appealed to me as a 20 something year old and it set the tone for much of how I live my life today.  At times it can get a bit heavy on the "spirituality" stuff but the message is pretty clear.  I went on to read many of his books and found another favorite "Illusions".  Both are worth the read but beware, they are new age style of books.  Much like the Celestine Prophesy.

The Celestine Prophesy
I loved the message of this book.  Although the story was fiction and a bit forced at times, I really invested in the message.  Much like the Di Vinci Code, the concepts are well explained to the point where you are questioning the possibilities.  For example, do you know that the odds of picking up the phone and finding the person you were about to call already on the other nearly impossible.  And yet how often has it happened to you?  Hmmmm.

The Red Tent
This book was recommended to me.  Loved it.  The story of Dinah from the bible told in a way in which you are there with her every step of the way. 

Interview with the Vampire, Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned
If you haven't read these classics, you live under a rock.  This is where it all began.  Anne Rice's ability to set the stage in ancient times is breathtaking.  The stories are rich and creamy with detail and anguish.  Do not base your judgement on the movies.  They were horrible.  Unfortunately, I found that the writing after these books got a bit pressured.  These are a must read.

The Time Travellers Wife
Again, don't judge this on the movie.  This book is unlike anything I had read before.  It tells the tale of a man who uncontrollably time travels to different times in his life...but at various ages. It is a "timeless" story of how love finds a way against all the odds.  It is not a science fiction story.  Believe it or not, it is very much a love story but not a cheesy one.

Memoires of a Geisha
This book was an instant fav of mine.  An amazing tale of a small girl and her journey through the trials of becoming a geisha against her will.  It is page after page of action, love, betrayal and hope.  Another must read.

A Map of the World
A very sad and touching story about two families and how they come to terms with a tragic death of a child.  Bonds of family and friendship are tested, built and shattered seemingly at the same time. 

Deep End of the Ocean
A must for every mother out there.  A heartwrenching story of a mother who's son goes missing in seconds, the sadness that takes over their lives and the unbelievable twist of fate that sends everyone over the edge of happiness and despair. 

Tales of the City (series)
This old classic series is a must read for anyone who likes how small stories all pull together in twists of fate and crazy coincedences.  These books, set in San Fran are the essence of story telling.  It is like a soap opera of characters and scenarios that will have you laughing and crying at the same time.  Brilliant books. 

That is it for now.  I am sure I will add more later.....


Anonymous said...

Well apparently I live under a rock. But I'm okay with that cause I'd rather live under a rock than read those type of books. I do enjoy Dan Brown and other trashy stuff tho. ~Christine~

lifein360 said...

Oh trust me, I live off of Kelley Armstrong, Charlaine Harris, Keri Arthur and Mary Janice Davidson trashy stuff too. I am no book snob by any means. Love me a good mind candy book!!

Anonymous said...

I've never read any of them ... but I've read Heather Graham, Jennifer Crusie (I find her hilarious), Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton. All really easy reads.