Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sleepless in Ottawa

Let me start by saying that I am not political.  I don't care about Liberal, Conservative, Democrats and Republicans.  I don't even know what most of them stand for when it comes to issues.  What I do care about is honesty and integrity.  Last night I saw and heard a level of dishonesty that had me reeling.  So much so that it kept me up most of the night.  A first let me assure you. 

Before I continue I just want to add that I don't necessarily care about your views on the matter either.  It isn't what I am upset about.  I don't know much about the issue myself and really don't have anything to add to it other than the fact that I think the people in power positions in the US are scared little boys.  ANYWAY....

During yesterdays Senate discussion to repeal DADT, Senator John McCain got up and presented a Filibuster to the bill (a stalling tactic that puts everything on hold for days, months...etc.)(I had to look that up).  Although it seems that everyone was expecting this, what shocked me was that he had to filibuster the entire bill.  In case you didn't know, the bill is the Defense Bill.  It is responsible for the allocation of funds to the branches of the military.  Thus, for the 2nd time in US history, in over 48 years, the Defense Bill was filibustered.  48 years!  It is basically a non issue kind of bill.  But by filibustering the bill, in essence, they are willing to stop the entire Military Budget allocation in order to retain the power to kick gays and lesbians out of the military.  But wait, that isn't even the part that shocked me.  If you are passionate about that fight, bring it.  Whether right or wrong, at least you are doing what you believe in.  My opinions are irrelevant to your passion.

What had me reeling is the fact that John McCain is a hypocrite and liar to the highest degree.  I don't care what his views are.  But when you take a stand on something, stick with it.  Mr. McCain has changed his views on this matter depending on who was in power at the time.  When DADT came onto the agenda, the senator was quoted (on video) saying that he defered the decision of DADT to Colonel Powell.  He went on to say that if the military decided to repeal the policy, he would support them to the fullest.  In fact he explained that he felt senators should not hold the power over the military and their decisions.  Makes sense.  BUT then when Colonel Powell said he was going to move ahead to repeal DADT without the aid of the Senate, McCain jumped up and said that the miliatry should NOT have the power to change such policies and only the Senate should have the ability.  In other words, HIM!!  Holy hypocrite!  AND THEN, in his speech on the Senate floor, he flips flops back and says he wants to wait until the military provides their report later this year on it's findings regarding the DADT policy before the Senate should debate it.  WTF!!  So that was shocking moment number 1. 

Shocking moment number #2 was last night when after the Senate debate, he provided an interview where he angrily and sternly kept repeating that the DADT policy does not "seek out" soldiers in order to prosecute them.  He must have said it 20 times back to back.  That did it!  Has he not been paying attention?  Hundreds of now discharged officers, men and women share the same story whereby the military actively hacked into their private lives (and even emails) in order to use the policy to discharge them.  There are hundreds of confirmed and documented cases.  As the leader of this fight, whether a just one or not, McCain should be the most informed...would you not think?  From my standpoint there is only one word to describe his technique.  Lies!  He is a liar.  Blunt, deceptive, unapologetic and seemingly uncaring.  He is now on record (video) many times flip flopping his opinions and views when it serves his purpose. 

Again, this isn't really about DADT, I have my own views on that but that isn't the point.  The point is Americans, do you want someone who is soooooo comfortable with lying and deception holding a position of power in your country?  How do people justify this guy? 

So that is what kept me up all night.  I was asking myself how our Southern neighbors could be so blind or plain stupid to allow such things to continue.  It blows my mind. 

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rabidrunner said...

Do you ever watch South Park? There's an episode where the kids are having an election in school. It mimics American politics during election time, because the kids decide that their selections are limited to a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich.

So that's how I feel about politicians. All of 'em are either a Giant Douche or a Turd Sandwich.

I see the only solution to honesty and integrity (a great way to be), is term limits. Senators and Congressman are doing their so-called "public service" for too damn long. After they've been in there long enough (two terms), they become out of touch, they forget who they represent and they make decisions to get them elected. I have no doubt that Mr. McCain believes he's honest. They have enough power to justify "their way" as the "honest and integrity way."

The sad thing, however, is that the only way to get term limits on our Giant Douches and Turd Sandwiches, is if THEY vote themselves into term limits. Too bad John Adams couldn't see that coming, 'eh?

Two cents. Or eight. Whatever. Sorry to turn your comments into my own post.

lifein360 said...

That is a good way of thinking about it. Although American politics don't really affect us here I do invest some of my time staying "in the know". I couldn't imagine having men and women like him to choose from. No wonder the numbers of voters from year to year is falling so much.