Monday, September 20, 2010

This weekend in annoyances.

What a great and beautiful weekend here in the Nations Capital.  Sunny, warm with a nice breeze.  Perfect for anyone who likes being outside.  Except for those of us with servere allergies who were stuck inside crying at the window.  Ya, that would be me.

No worries, I endeavoured.  I went and did errands and the sort.  It started fine but ended with me being super grumpy.  I give you once again, some stupid people habits...

1.  Do NOT decide to stop and have a conversation with your long lost yoga buddy at the end of a grocery isle with the both of you leaning on your carts.  And don't get snotty when people point out that this isn't really the best place to be holding up the people traffic.

2.  Continuing the grocery theme for a minute....WOMEN, why do you wait for the last possible minute to pull your wallet out of your purse and dig for money.  You know you have to pay, be prepared...get that sucker out and ready to go.  We do not like to wait while you count out 73 cents in change. 

3.  Does anyone ever really sing along to the super loud music you are playing in YOUR car.  Has anyone ever leaned over and said "I love that song".  Ya, didn't think so.  Turn it down Car DJ.

4.  Why wouldn't I wear spandex shorts to my spin class?  Duh.  You sit there and enjoy your class in your satin soccer shorts and we'll talk in 60 minutes.  I am sure your opinion will change.

5.  If you can talk or text while on a cardio machine at the gym, you are NOT working hard.  In fact you are working harder than ever at annoying the shit out of those around you. 

And I am not writing to be negative.  I love being positive, it is just that stupid people are ruining my ability to be as positive as I could be.

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Anonymous said...

I chuckled when I read this as they are so true!! Christine