Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Even though I consider myself a kind, caring person, there are still a whole lot of things that royally piss me off.  Some of these things came into effect this morning on the way to the dark, at 645am, before my coffee.  *just setting the scene*

1.  Don't leave a long traffic lane, speed up to cut in ahead and when no one lets you back in get all honky and cranky.  And of course they find a spot in front of me!  Damnit. 

2.  Don't hold up 5+ cars going down a parking lot ramp because you want to back into your parking spot. 

3.  Don't ask someone to hold the elevator (when your 30 feet away) and then make NO attempt to speed up your walk to the elevator. 

4.  Make no mistake, I will kick you in the ass or purposely bump into you if you are walking in front of me and suddenly stop mid sidewalk to start texting.  It's 645am!!  Seriously, you are not that important. 

5.  If you see someone in a coffee line that is scrambling for more money...that last 5 cents...and you KNOW you are getting change back, just pay for them!!  Ya cheap bastard.

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