Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Celebrating Success

Thought I would update myself and those of you who read on the successes of people I like to call friends.  All of whom inspire me in one way or the other. 

In no particular order:

Ben Letourneau:  Leave it to Ben to re-enter the world of adventure racing and make it to the World Championships in the same year.  Ben travelled to Spain at the end of September to test his limits against 50 other teams in a 6 day adventure race that spanned over 700 kilometers.  The race included moutain biking, trekking, canoeing, rafting, inline skating, climbing and rappelling. (that was tiring just typing that)  For those of us who know him, we have come to realize that there is basically nothing Ben can't do.  Inspiration is just not the word to describe Ben.  They haven't created a word for him yet.  Congrats on your 16th place finish!

Peter Doucet and Morgane Echardour:  In the world of inline speedskating, Peter and Morgane are names that we are all familiar with....for several reasons really.  One is that they are always on the podium of every race they enter.  Two is that Peter is constantly providing the best coverage to the sport of speedskating via his super popular SpeedSkateWorld.com website.  "SpeedSkateWorld.com in DA HOUSE!!!"...as Peter is always screaming.  And thirdly, the power couple both won the pro open division of the National Roller Cup standings for 2010.  With their first place finishes at the NYC 100k race, Peter and Morgane solidified their dominance in this sport.  Way to go guys.  I'll wave the next time you are looping me during our next race.  ;)

Chantal A:  Who knuckled down and lost about 20 pounds while on vacation.  Congrats on that!  Can't wait to see ya again.

Kim B:  Who out of nowhere decided to go back to school (somewhat) by taking a Nutrition Course over the next few years.  Wow.

And to the rest of you who no doubt succeed against your daily struggles.  Kudos to you all around.

UPDATE:  And a huge congrats to my brother in Vanc who ran his first half marathon in sub 2hrs.  For a 42 year old, that is pretty good for his first time.  GO BRO.  He is in blue on the right side at the front. 

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