Thursday, October 28, 2010

MTB Injury

My thoughts go out to a fellow speedskater/cyclist and all around great guy Erwin B.  Seems he was involved in a very bad MTB accident this past weekend which ultimately resulted in surgery to his spinal cord.  From word of mouth, the skin around his temple on one side of his face was nearly peeled right off and his neck was severly cut from his helmet.  However that doesn't cover the damage to his back and his vertabrae.  Looks like he was under the knife immediately and had a metal plate inserted.  This was no normal fall it seems. 

Erwin is one of those guys that doesn't sit still.  He makes me look like a lazy slob.  He is always on the go and his dedication to anything he tries is 100%.  He has to dominate everything and isn't afraid to put in the time to accomplish it.  He is to be admired for damn sure.  Which is why this is so sad because I assume that this will be an injury that takes him out of any kind of training for at least several months....if not longer.  This, for him, would be torture.  I can't even imagine. 

So here is hoping for a miracle recovery. 

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