Monday, October 4, 2010

Ohh my aching muscles

What a weekend!  Non stop.  Loved it.

Two dinner parties.  One was mine, one was not.  Good food and company at both.  Success!

8 hours of high quality tennis.  Yesterday, James and I were hitting as if we were at the US Open.  It was awesome.  I haven't run that much in a while.  Thankfully my fitness is better and I can stay on top of things longer.  But I am sure he will adjust eventually.

4 hours of spinning.  I  have been having issues with spinning recently.  I can't make it through a full class now without hitting the wall.  Not sure what is going on.  I can usually do 2 classes back to back with energy to spare.  Not lately.  Maybe I am low on vitamins or something. 

Starting week 3 of my 5x5x5x5 program and I am loving it.  Already seeing small gains in my legs, arms and chest.  My body was meant to be muscular and it feels nice just accepting that now and not fighting to have a body that wasn't meant to be. 

Skates are put away for another season.  Bike only has a few more weeks of use before the cold takes control of the city.  Tennis courts are slowly closing up but indoors is starting next week.  Let the training season begin!!  No more summer fun in the sun. 

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