Monday, November 1, 2010


So here I am in week 2 of my attempt at clean eating.  It hasn't gone well.  I lasted only about 4 days before cracking and heading to a Thai Buffet.  Shame Shame.  Then on the weekend I caught a nasty cold and when I am sick I tend to crave shit food.  Alas, it was A&W burger and rootbear for me last night.  Triple Shame I know. 

Will try to climb back on the wagon this week as best I can.  Being sick my appetite is gone, which is a plus, but I can't work out.  No way I could do a spinning class in this condition.  Argh. 


Clair said...

It is very likely you will be unsuccessful if you just quit cold turkey. I would suggest you start out by cutting certain foods out that you don't want to eat. Then cut out some more after you're used to eating without the first foods. And for the record, it IS okay to "cheat" once in a while and it won't make you have to buy new (bigger) pants. To completely deny yourself of the foods you love, you set yourself up for failure.

lifein360 said...

mmm, cold turkey sandwich. yum