Friday, November 26, 2010


Foot still swollen.  Not sure what is going on.  I remember nothing.  No sprain, no tweek nada.  Just woke up one morning and it was all swollen and yukky. 

Did a spin class last night and for the first time in 2 weeks, the foot actually was sore.  So I decided that from now until I leave on vaca that I won't do any more spin classes.  I am buying an ice pack today and will ice it every night before bed. Hopefully that will help. 

Can't wait to get away from this freezing rain and snow crap that is falling today.  Only one more day until I am strolling down Miami beach. 


Anonymous said...

Cor ... my hubby had a problem like that a couple years ago. Ankle swelled up for no reason at all and a couple weeks before a race. Could barely get his boot on and when he did it was very, very painful. Docs gave him anti-inflammatories which seemed to help. They thought it may have been gout. Don't think it was though because he's never had it since. After a week or so of it slowly going day one day it was totally gone. Very strange. Hope yours gets better soon for you. And hope you have a great trip. ~christine~

lifein360 said...

It is strange C, there is really no pain and not a lot of discoloration. It is just swollen. I read up about gout and it seems that pain goes hand in hand. I don't have any. Leads me to believe I have just been spinning too much lately with my shoes too tight. The only thing I can think of.