Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let it be known!

What frustrates me sometimes, is the words of wisdom that so many of us accept as gospel when we really haven't sat down and thought about it.  One of those sentiments is bugging me right now...during the holiday. 

The concept of doing something selfless and good is awesome.  I think the act of keeping it a secret and annonymous is stupid.  If you are going to go out of your way and bring kindness, love, appreciation, thankfullness.....etc. into someone elses life, why NOT share that with others?

1.  It will bring more people happiness and hope when they hear about it.
2.  It will help those around you to understand you better as a person.  To me that is very important.  I hate being misjudged.  Hate it.
3.  It will hopefully create a ripple effect of good deeds in those people who surround you.
4.  It makes the giver feel good about themselves.  After all, everyone, no matter how much you try to deny it, strives for validation.
5.  Why not?  Who says keeping it all a secret is better.  It doesn't feel better!  We are all dying to tell someone.  So just do it.  Share the love damnit.

Now go out and doing something nice for someone!  It is the Xmas season after all. 

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rabidrunner said...

Great post! PLUS! It lets the person you helped know/feel that they are thought and cared about.