Sunday, January 2, 2011


I saw something the other day that totally had me shocked and appalled.  I was considering actually taking a picture of it but there was no way for me to do so without being outwardly intrusive.  Thus I will just have to tell you about it.  You can then decide your own opinion.

At the table next to me, a family sits.  A 4 year old girl, a 5 year old boy and daddy and mommy.  Totally normal looking bunch having a night out.  Except for a few key things.  BOTH children have new Iphones and are watching movies while sitting at the table eating.  Iphones on little cradles in front of them.   Both kids, different movies.  Daddy (this I can`t believe either) is on his Ipad playing a game of some sort  while at the same time chowing down between gunfire or whatever.  OH and all units have full sound going as well.  So, not only are all the restaurant people shocked at the unbelievable parenting skills being demonstrated, but we also get to hear all the lovely sounds and soundtracks being broadcast.  And the whole time, the mother is just sitting there eating and looking around as if this is a totally normal occurrence.  I said (a little to loudly) ``why bother having children when you have no intention of interacting with them``.  Or something to that effect.  The woman and man beside me totally gave me the "I agree" look.  The guilty party didn't hear me....or did they?

All in all, it totally rocked me.  I couldn't get it out of my mind the entire night.  Maybe they were just visiting Americans.  ;) 

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