Thursday, January 13, 2011

Foot in Mouth

I think I may have insulted a good friend of mine unintentionally.  We were talking about coaching as she is a top notch spin instructor at my gym.  One of my fav instructors actually.

I was telling her that I had completed a class with a new male instructor and that his techinique was manly and testosterone filled, while in my opinion, that was something that the classes taught by women lacked.  But I didnt' mean it in a negative way.  I told her that I find women coaches focus on the teamwork, the emotions and state of mind when working out while the male coaches put that aside and focus purely on performance and results.  There is no talking about pride or emotions...etc.  It is about raw power. 

Sigh.  I didn't mean to imply that I didn't like her style.  In fact I enjoy having the positive feed back she and other instructors provide.  It is why I never miss her class.   I was just explaining that it was an interesting change to have a male instructor totally grill us and treat us like dogs.  There was no mercy. 

I have a feeling I will have to buy her some chocolates.....or eat some myself to compliment the flavor of my foot.

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Anonymous said...

Buy her chocolates :) But, I will say that I agree with you. I noticed a world of difference between the female kickboxing instructor and the male kickboxing instructor. You are spot on about the difference in techniques. Both are equally good, just different.