Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Matter over Mind

I am so weak minded sometimes.  I just can't get things out of my head.

Last night while walking into the gym, a few guys were coming out from what seemed to be a really hard workout.  So hard in fact that one of them started spewing all over the place.  Not once, not twice but several times.  It was not pretty.  The whole time I stayed close asking if he needed help which of course they didn't.  However, the images were burned into my mind. 

Fast forward to spin class where I was giving it my all.  As soon as my body had that "feeling" know the one; the one where you have just finished a massive sprint and your stomach is in your throat and you can feel the blood rushing from your face?  Ya that one.  Well this time around, the feeling wouldn't go away and I kept thinking about buddy in the parking lot barfing.  I had to do everything I could to keep my stomach contents down. 

By that time, the fight was over.  There was no way I was going to be able to do my standard second class.  I could not shake the images or the feeling and was on the brink of tossing myself.  Of course, I felt so lazy from not being able to work my second class that I went home and ate a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.  See how that works.  Matter always wins over my mind. 


rabidrunner said...

Wow. I've never seen anyone yacking at a gym. Maybe it's all those New Year Newbies? Can't take the heat?

lifein360 said...

Years ago when I was over 200lbs and started working out for the first time, barfing after a workout was very common. My body just wasn't used to that level of exercise. Now as someone who trains daily, if I really push myself out of my comfort zone, nausea is quite often the result.