Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NYE Dinner

As no one I normally hang with made plans for NYE this year, I headed to Chinatown for an early dinner.  While waiting, it was evident that the restaurant was making a killing from their pick up orders and not so much via their sit down guests.  I quickly realized that the wait for food was going to be lengthy.  I just adapted and waited, it was NYE after all.  Not so much the people around me however.  The complaining and bitching to staff...and quite loudly as well, became common place all around.  And mostly from older people.  Above 60.  You would think they would have better manners.  Holy moly I haven't heard such rudeness since I was on that cruise ship.

The cherry on top came when a couple sat down and while ordering told the waitress...

Rude Lady:  "Just to let you know, we are expecting a 3rd person to join us.
Waitress:  "Ummm oh, okay??"  (they were already seated at a table set for 3)
Rude Lady:  "So, can you make these portions bigger?  We are three today and not just two.  So make the dishes bigger."
Waitress turns and walks away kinda looking confused. 

If only that strategy actually worked instead of pissing off people.  Classic entitlement issues. 

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately that type of behavious seems to be rampant. ~christine~