Monday, January 17, 2011

Skate Mexico

Late last week, I learned that Skate Mexico 2011 was happening after all.  Initiatlly, as of last March, we were told that the event coordinators were taking a year off.  So most of us just accepted that truth.  We didn't plan for it, search for flights or anything.  Normally we would start the process in Nov/Dec. 

Well with the announcement last week, not many of us were ready for it.  It was only communicated on Facebook and not to past participants which leads me to believe it is a smaller event this year...or intended for a select city team.  Normally the event is organized by Il Peloton but since they wanted to take a coordination break,  the Montreal team has decided to run the event this time around. 

Due to the late announcement, flights are crazy expensive (due to March break) and without the option of sharing costs with friends, the price is just too high for me this time.  I can't justify 600-800 for flights and then another 400-700 for hotel and food while I am there.  Alas, although I would welcome the workouts and especially the heat, I am going to have to pass on Mexico this year.  :(

However, on a postive note, I might head down to Miami or Fort Lauderdale in Feb/Mar and play in some tennis tournaments.  Flights are stupid cheap and I can get hosted by tournament organizers.  Free accoms makes any trip more attractive.  I am trying to convince my old Arizona doubles partner to dust off the racquet.  We were a winning duo in the past, I am sure we can still do some damage on the tour.  Even if we are old farts.

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Anonymous said...

Miami sounds like fun ... actually anywhere with warm weather sounds like fun ~christine~