Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some day off....

Every few days, I try to tell myself to take a day off from training.  I try....but I rarely listen to myself.  Today was no exception. 

This morning, I was creating a slow jam playlist with all my fav tunes from the 90's.  The 90's defined my music tastes for sure. I am addicted to the R&B flava...don't judge!  ANYWAY, while listening to it, I was wondering how on earth I would set up a workout to these mellow groovy tunes with such a slow cadence.  So I packed up my bag, grabbed a towel and left for the gym to find out.  ;)

So here is the solution. Get on the hardest cardio machine ever...the Cybex Trainer.

Code in 60 mins, resistence 100 (the max) and incline to the max of 10. The results is 1056 Calories!!!!  And legs and an arse that wants to fall off.  OMG.

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