Friday, January 14, 2011

Strange but true

I was reminded of something last night as I killed myself in my 7th hour of spinning in 4 days.  I remembered that I don't sweat like other people.  My arms never sweat.  No mattter how hard I am working, the sweat stops at the shoulders and wanders no further. 

While spinners around me grip their bikes with soaking wet arms and dripping hands, mine are as dry as a bone and in fact cracking due to the dryness.  I have no idea why that is when my head, as bald as it is, sweats like a faucet.

The only thing I can blame this on is my years of tennis growing up.  Playing in Arizona, Florida, Cuba and other brutally hot places, I guess my hands learned at an early stage that they had to stay dry.  Thus, even in Ottawa's 38 degree heat plus humidity, my hands are still as dry as the clay I am playing on.  Strange.

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