Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Workout Update

Gym time has increased over the break and I am feeling and seeing a bit of the results. 

I am still pulling in my 8 hours of spin each week but am also supplementing with 4 days of weights and a few hours of Cybex throughout the week for some long Zone 2 training.  Damn that machine makes me sweat. 

I am seeing the muscles pull together and get more compact but I still haven't seen a reduction in overall body fat.  That is discouraging me a bit.  Legs and ass are getting bigger, arms and chest are coming back to life but overall torso softness is not budging.  Sigh. 

But no worries, I am not about to give up.  I will break into the 180's if it kills me.  And it just may.  ;)

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