Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cold Patriot

If it is not snowing here in Ottawa, it is bitter cold (minus 30-40).   And to be honest, this winter, we have been "blessed" with the windchill factor more than we have with the inches of snow. 

Wanna know what minus 40 feels like?

1.  No matter what kind of coat you wear, the minute you walk outside, it stiffens and starts to crack and creak.
2.  Your eyes instantly water and burn.
3.  Your breath is not only vapour but a strange form of snow.
4.  After about a minute outside, your face is so tight you feel like you just got a facelift.
5.  The seats in your car are hard as rock and don't soften for 20 minutes... freezing your ass in the process.
6.  The steering wheel and gear shifter in your car need to warm up before you can use them.
7.  The tires on your car have frozen in a somewhat square shape and don't roll properly.
8.  They tell you on the radio how long you can survive outside as part of the regular weather updates. 

...I can go on.

So in honor of this cold weather, I could not resist but join the ranks of those Canadian patriots who have donned these awesome mitties.  They were only 10$.  I couldn't say no.

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