Monday, February 21, 2011


I had this opportunity to go to Aussie land in a few months that I turned down without too much thought.  It wasn't because I couldn't afford it (although it is pricey), and it isn't because I don't have the vacation time.  The one and only reason I am not going is because I hate to fly.  The idea of spending more than 5 hours on a plane puts the fear of god into my soul. 

Even now, when I fly, I have to take a tranq just to make it.  Can you imagine me on a 24 hour plane ride?

So here in lies the problem.  Now that I am reaching that age where I can actually re-visit the places I have traveled to already and enjoy new ones, I am afraid of getting there. 

Something needs to change.  I have to conquer this mental and physical roadblock to air travel or I will be spending the best years of my life homeward bound.

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rabidrunner said...

AMBIEN! It's the only way to fly. Get on the plane, pop an ambien, and zonk. We went to India a little over a year ago, which is as far as away as we could fly. It took us 42 hours to get home (includes layovers and whatnot.) Brutal is an understatement, but it's totally worth it. I say go. You don't having anyone like kiddies and such to hold you back -- GO!!