Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Stupid things annoy me most.  Like the really small things in life.  The ones you are supposed to just let go or get over.  Nah, they eat at me for hours.  The big things I can get over because...sometimes they are tough things but the easy stuff should be easy right? 

So this morning on the way to work, traffic was kinda busy getting over the bridge.  So picture it (and you have ALL been in this situation before) are trying to get into the off lane and there is about 3 feet of clearance preventing you from scootching in the free lane.  Nope, your stuck behind cars that refuse to inch up a bit.  Finally I just pop up on the curb and make my way around only to find FULL CARS LENGTHS between the stopped traffic.  Seriously!!!  WTF!  Of course I am yelling this to the cars I pass but all they see is probably some crazy guy singing to the radio.  Argh.

People need to be aware that their stupidity causes problems for the people behind them.  Especially in traffic.  These dorks were perpetrating the exact kind of traffic shit that we try to avoid everyday.  By moving up a car length, no less than 20 cars could have passed on the left freeing up bridge traffic significantly. 

Grrrr.  Stupid people. 

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