Monday, April 18, 2011

Progress - Week 4

It is funny how every week I fear not being able to hit the weight max on my program.  (they are predetermined). And yet every Sunday I am juuuust able to pull out my last reps.  On Wednesday, day 1 of each week, I can barely squeeze out my max for that particular week but by Sunday, it is old hat. 

This past week was yet another one of those weeks.  I could barely finish my sets on Wed but by last night I was cranking out my sets like I had been doing them for a month.  It was also a bit of a milestone for me this past weekend because I crossed over the 200lbs mark on both my bench press and my leg extensions.  Not to mention the heaviest shoulder press I have ever done at 55 pounds.  That wasn't pleasant but I did it.

Only 2 more weeks until I should be able to see results.  Weeks 6 and 11 are key from what I remember.  On another note, the food switch has been activated and I am eating anything and everything I can find.  I had 2 protein shakes followed by a large pizza on Friday night and then a big bag of popcorn.  The furnace is burning for sure.  I will need to clean up the eating to make sure I am maxing out on the protein and limiting the carbs.  So hard to do when I eat a loaf of bread in one sitting.  Mmmmm garlic butter.  ;)

Pics might come at some point.  "Might".

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