Saturday, April 23, 2011

Uh oh.

Seems something is amiss.  On Thursday, while doing squats, I felt an odd sensation.  Not pain, not anything I can really describe...just something different in my lower back. 

I gave it no further thought as it didn't hinder me at all.  Yesterday I woke up, as usual pretty sore from my workout.  My back was especially sore.  Like really sore.  However, I had scheduled at 35k bike ride around the city as my official first spring outing.  Things were okay, other than the flat tire, but by the time evening decended upon me, I knew something was wrong with my back. 

Flash forward 15 hours and I have still not slept.  I am in agony.  Not only is my lower back filled with aching pain, it is so intense, it is wrapping around my torso and affecting my...uh...junk.  yup.  It feels like I am constantly being punched in the back while being kicked in the boys. 

I am exhausted.  Time to down another 3 robax platinums and try to nap. 

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