Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I treated myself to Season 2 of the Bionic Woman this past weekend and have ripped through it with only a few episodes left. I can't even tell you how much I wanted to "BE" Steve Austin and I wanted Jamie Sommers to be my mom. LOL It was all I thought about at that age.

It has been great re-living some of my youth by watching the first 2 seasons and seeing hollywood stars in their early days. Hillarious. However, I have noticed some odd things about the show. Things or comments that kind of stick with me.

1. Probably the most obvious: Why does Jamie have to move her hair out of the way to hear sounds with her bionic ear?

2. In almost every episode, she uses her real name and shows her bionics to someone. Criminals back in the 70's must have been really stupid and not shared espionage information. It isn't like the news of a bionic agent wouldn't spread like hotfire.

3. Did you know that all the close ups of Jamies hands and ears when she is using her Bionics is a body double? Yup.

4. For such a powerful woman, she sure did whine and cry ALOT in this series. Holy cow. And her whining voice is irritating as fuck.

5. Did you know that for the duration of the series, it is said that Jamie never once held a gun. Lyndsay Wagner refused to as an actress.

6. Jamie almost always used both hands when lifting something like a car. Why when only one of her arms were bionic? Balance?

7. Do you know there have been 3 Bionic Men and 3 Bionic Women? Sandra Bullock was one of them!

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