Thursday, May 5, 2011


So I am deep into week 2 in regards to this back issue.  I have started to go for longer walks and do some very light weights, upper body only, but the discomfort is still there.  The back pain has changed to stiffness and over all soreness but the groin and ab pain is the same.  It actually rotates from side to side which I find strange.

If things continue this way, I don't see any way that I will be able to do the Montreal race in early June.  I haven't even been on my skates yet so it is looking slim.  Unless I can get some time in on them in the next few weeks and I can jump onto a team that is going a bit slower, it looks like I am going to be a no show.  Sigh.  Looks like another summer plagued with injuries.  Seriously, what is going on with me.  Year after year of mishaps.  Thankfully life is good in all other aspects. 


Anonymous said...

That's really unfortunate Cor ... I feel bad for you but sometimes we just need to take a break and heal!!

I assume this is the 24 hour that you are speaking of???

lifein360 said...

No. I am talking about the mtl marathon in june.

And I hate taking breaks. It is not in my nature. ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought the Montreal marathon was mid July. I'll have to recheck that. ~christine~