Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 2

Day 2 of running and it didn't go too bad.  Running outside is much harder than on the treadmill for sure.  So that was an interesting lesson.  Knees weren't bugging me all that much but as the run was ending, my right quad was getting a bit tight.  I will watch that.

I ran with what I would call a run sponsor and although I thought he would be a better runner than I, it ended up not being the case.  My pace was slower and my stride had to be cut in half to allow him to keep up.  I still managed a 35 minute run but it was not the distance I wanted to go.  However I will stay positive and keep on going.  There is no doubt I will have days like these.  Just have to push through.

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Anonymous said...

Keep at it!! ~christine~