Saturday, June 25, 2011

Learning to Run

So my nephews are doing a 10k run in the fall and asked me to do it with them.  I used to run half marathons in my younger days but haven't ran in over 10 years.  Tennis knees have finally caught up to me.  Plus, as a stocky guy, running has never been easy for me. 

However, today will mark the first day where I will begin my training to run the 10k.  It is back to basics and the 3:1 ratio for me.  At least for the first week.  Then bit by bit I will increase the run ratio until there is little to no recovery.  A bit nervous about all this.  Not sure how the body will hold up considering I am barely healed from my back and hernia injuries.  There is always something so I can't let that stop me. 

Anyone have tips/tricks?

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Anonymous said...

Music gets me a long way. I've got playlists that I set up specifically for running. ~christine~