Monday, June 6, 2011

Ottawa Race Weekend.

With speeds in excess of 40kph and with more falls than I can remember, the 2011 Ottawa Inline Festival came to a close last night with a spectacular finish. 

Ottawa's own Sergio A. peeled from the lead pack early and commanded a 500m lead that couldn't be touched by the chase pack.  With an 38 second lead, he crossed the finish line with a marathon time of 1:11.  So fast.  Even with a fall that led to the chase pack passing him, he was able to get up, attack again and regain the lead that eventually took him across the finish line bloodied but vindicated. 

A strong showing from our Toronto and Montreal skaters kept the action in the lead pack pretty exciting.  There were a few faces I saw in the top 15 that I was pleasantly surprised by.  I won't get into names but lets just say that I was impressed by several people who have seriously up'ed their game.  Congrats to everyone.  Your efforts, attitudes and overall positivity was and remains inspiring. 

The lead pack.

More photos can be found here:


Andrew Hegarty said...

Hey Cor!

You've taken some great pictures; would you mind if I grabbed a few for the Schankel Kallisto website? I'll link back and give you photo credit.


lifein360 said...

Go for it Andrew. Bummer you weren't racing....or did I just miss seeing you?

Andrew Hegarty said...

I wasn't there, bud. I'm still waiting to get my boots! I'm planning on racing the 24hrs (not planning.. will 100% be there).

Not sure if i'll be around for other races this year though.. just getting back into things :)

Andrew Hegarty said...

Site's been updated and I gave you credit for the photos. Thanks man!