Friday, June 24, 2011


It's funny how a simple trip can do so much.  My first trip out to Vancouver was one of these trips. 

It was the first time I really got to travel with my mom so that was nice.  She is a pretty cool lady.  Especially when she points out (in public) when I am being flirted with.  LOL  What a strange experience that was.  And to be able to hang out in a new city with my best friend is pretty damn cool as well.  I have no idea how he walks 15kms a day in sandles but more power to him.  At least he got to fufill his Sushi quota for the year.  Blech...

One of the best moments happened when I was able to re-connect with a friend I haven't seen in over 12 years.  We had met in Calgary while I was working at the G8 summit and lost touch after that.   I will be sure to keep this line of communication open to ensure that there is not another 12 year gap in our friendship. 

The overall best thing about my trip however was being able to re-connect with my bro and his bf.  They were the perfect hosts who went over and above the call of duty.  We had a great time hanging out together and I hope we get to do it again in the coming months when I plan on returning.  Congrats on your achievements R.  I am a proud bro.

And finally...  Things happen for a reason.  People come into our lives to share experiences and to teach us lessons all the time.  Fate and coincedence doesn't care about timing, distance or anything like that.  The challenge is set before you and the test of character is how you choose to work through it....if you decide to take the challenge at all. 

Challenge Accepted!

*My bro and my mom.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having an awesome time!! And yes, I agree, things do happen for a reason and I believe that these things often present themselves when we most need it. ~christine~