Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It isn't just the drivers anymore.

More and more these days I am getting caught up in the battle between cyclists and drivers.  Both sides seem to be fighting it out in every media venue around the city.  Radio, newspapers....twitter... you name it.

But lately, I have been seeing much more neglect on the side of the cyclists.  Especially the experienced ones.  This makes me sad.  As I have my bike in the back of my truck and feel a certain mojo with other cyclists, it pains me to see them break the most courteous of rules.  Such as...

Red lights are for everyone.  Even if they are in the middle of nowhere and there is no oncoming traffic.  Stop.  Seriously.

If possible, stay to the inside of the lane.  You are not a car so riding in the middle of the road during rush hour to prove a point is a bit much.

Don't stop and rest against my car if we are both at a red light. 

You can't alternate between roads and sidewalks just to avoid traffic laws. 

Even if you are in a peleton of 50 riders, if you are on an open road, you are still the secondary mode of transportation and should yield somewhat to the thousands of pounds of metal coming at you. 

And drivers...I am not done with you yet.... 

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