Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mind the gap....

Just the other day here in Ottawa, we experienced a day where the heat reached about 45 degrees.  It was hot.  Really hot but not hot enough to keep my inside.  So I threw on the spandex, grabbed my bike and headed up to the hills for an easy 30k climbing loop. 

There is one section, where we also skate train, that has gates preventing access.  Of course avid cyclists have created a path around the two gates.  Problem is, you really don't know why the gates are there until the very last minute when THIS appears out of nowhere.

You would think you would see it coming but you really don't.  The way the road is angled it sneeks up on you.  And although it doesn't look very deep, trust me, it is.  It would be quite the fall.
It was a brutal workout that night anyway.  I went really slow and drank lots of water but still ended up feeling a bit barfy at the end.  And the word "soaking" doesn't cover how drenched I was.  I smelled like a rose I assure you.  ;)

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