Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good friends, good workouts...just ok food.

Body is getting used to the gluten free thing.  Cravings are gone and my ability to avoid the yummy wheaty stuff is on the rise.  We will see over the next 3 weeks if there are any changes I have been hearing so much about.  Yes or no, you will know my full results in about a month.  Stay tuned.  I can say, putting BBQ pulled pork on a raspberry vinagrette salad makes it all bearable at this point.  But only just bearable.  ;)

Other than that, the weekend was packed.  2 movies, several workouts and lots of cleaning.  Not to mention driving all over this damn city.  Sheesh.  Half a tank in 2 days.  I could have gone to Montreal instead.  Maybe next weekend.  ;)

Had a great time at UH's 40th birthday party on Sat night.  It is always great to see new and old friends.  AND, the food is always yummy.  Except this time around I was good and avoided all the bread and pretzel goodness.  But those pretzel buns....oh man, they are the first thing I will be cheating on in a month.  That and General Tao's chicken.  Can't wait.

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rabidrunner said...

General Tso's has wheat? Oh right, breaded. So, I think I'm developing a gluten intolerance. This is very sad for me because I make the best bread in the world (not really, but close) and I have close to 600 lbs of wheat in my basement. i have a father-in-law with a wheat obsession. He is also a physicist who insists on studying the molecular structure of all wheat crops in the nation, and buying the best. I have a batch from North Dakota and a batch from Montana.

Anyway, my guts no longer agree with wheat. I'm interested to see what your study produces.