Friday, August 12, 2011

Stupid Running

I have no idea why I agreed with my brain to take up running and give this sport a shot.  It is hard.  And it hurts.  Everything hurts.  Grrr.

Went out for my first run in weeks last night and although it wasn't THAT bad, a few things happened that make me kinda shake my head.  First, my hands go numb.  Within about 5 minutes, they are dead to the world.  Secondly, the outside of my left foot is killing me.  It is almost like I have a hairline fracture there.  Super sharp pain from the baby toe all the way down to the heal.  Not sure what it is but I don't like it.

It was only 5k last night so nothing I can't recover from.  Tomorrow I think I will re-introduce the interval running as I think I might have started to quick to go 5k non stop.  I am new to this after all.  And does the first 10 minutes of running always suck?  Geez.

Here is where I run.


Anonymous said...

Cor ... for the first 15 minutes of my run I'm cursing and hating every minute of it. For the next 15 minutes or so I don't mind it so much and for the last 15 minutes if I go that far I actually like it. In time you will too. ~christine~

Anonymous said...

oops, one more thing ... that path looks very familiar ... is it behind the parliament buildings? ~christine~