Tuesday, September 6, 2011

24Hrs - A Wish List


Before you get up in my face, please realize that this post isn't a criticism, it is meant as something constructive.  AND, I am willing to put in future volunteer hours to make these things possible just to prove my positive intentions.  I am in NO WAY making light of the tireless work the entire team puts into run this event every year.  This is just some ideas that could make it even better. 

1.  Music

Although no one is ever going to be satisfied with the music, I would suggest having some theme hours.  For example, at both 7am/7pm, 8am/8pm, 9am/9pm have the music be of that decade.  The top tunes of the 70's, 80's and 90's.  That way, we ALL know the tunes.  There is nothing better than sharing some old dance moves and belting out tunes that EVERYONE can relate to.  And it is an easy way to throw some popular french tunes that we might know as well.  Just no Celine please.  ;)

Another idea for music is to sell requests.  A box could be set up at the DJ booth so that skaters or teams could make musical requests.  At 5$ a song or something like that.  Or, on the site, add a button where skaters who have registered can write down their favorite tune.  Easy to create a playlist that way. 

2.  Bibs

There has to be a better way to register skaters than the current bib system.  Teams spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on skinsuits, jerseys, t-shirts...etc. that promote this amazing event (not to mention the actual official event clothing) only to have all these beautiful designs hidden under huge white sheets while racing.  In fact, when you are skating, the wind usually blows the bibs under your arms or up around your neck making the number impossible to see.  And at night...what is the point? And after all, are we really ever looking at the number?  It would be easier to recognize your team jersey that stands out rather than a white bib that everyone is wearing.  Do we have to have identifiers?  What are their purpose?  Can we not print up race numbers and pin them onto our legs like race events?  Slightly more cost but absorbable.  Let's brainstorm...

3.  Trophies

The awards this year were awesome.  Super creative, nice to look at...just brilliant.  Best trophy I have ever seen in most of my sport events over my life.  Suggestion:  The top 3 teams should always get individual medals.  Even if just a momento.   There has got to be some cost effective promotional items out there.  With international skaters coming into town, we can't afford to have them leave empty handed.

4.  Vendors

McDonald's free coffee was brilliant.  BRILLIANT.  Best idea ever.  Just a bit earlier in the morn please.  7am would have been even better.  ;)  And people will pay for coffee...just in case you need to make $$.  24hrs of coffee would be heaven to a lot of skaters.

Crepes.  Yummy.  Another great idea.  
Subway is always good.

I almost wished I sold something so that I can be apart of the village.  I know weather is a main factor in vendor success but could vendors be set up in the paddocks so rain or shine at least they would stay profit high....and thus be more likely to return?  I guess that all depends on paddock rental costs.

5.  Online Store

Not sure the website is capable of hosting an online store but if possible, consider having your designs and promotional items sold directly from the 24hr site.  If marketed correctly online promotions could bring in tons of pre-sales which would require no shipping to skaters.  Items could include bandanas, small sport towels, water bottles, jerseys, socks, skinsuits, rubber wrist bracelets (think Livestrong)...etc.  Yearly sales could determine which items to renew each year.  Only items you want to redesign need to be ordered each year.  Standard items remain in stock  from year to year.

6.  Volunteers

If there was a way for people to volunteer between their laps, would this be useful?  Only if you need it of course.  Not sure how you are doing on the volunteer side of things.

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