Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Sigh.  As part of my winter training program, I decided to amp up my workouts by seeking the advice and guidance of a weight lifting pro.  As a level 4 trainer he gave me awesome advice, great tips and the promise of a wonderful 7 month program.  It was an hour well worth the consultation.  My current diet and my workouts lately have nicely prepared me for the goals I have planned for the next 7 months.  I reduced my body fat from 28% down to 20% and increased my overall mass by about half an inch.  I was able to retain my overall weight of 190 which is pretty good for a short bulky guy.  This leaves a goal reduction of 6% bf and an overall weight loss of about 10 pounds.  Which turns into a shift of 10 pounds as I would probably weight the same with the added muscle.  A redistribution if you will.  So excited.  Until....

Once the assessment was done and he outlined the program and timeline (which I had already estimated) we began talking about price.  That is where everything fell apart.  I can't believe what he told me.  For a minimum of 7 months, there is a mandatory limit of 48 sessions. At a grand cost of 6000$.  Yup, you read that right. 

So needless to say, my plans for a mentor were squashed before they even began.  It left me feeling a bit tarnished in my opinion of Goodlife.  Don't get me wrong, I love my gym, the trainers, the classes...etc. But I realized something.  In order to live the goodlife, you need to come from a level of society that has money.  And lots of if.  In other words, you can't get the benefits of a healthy lifestyle (the maximum benefits) unless you are quite well off.  No wonder so many people fail when they try to do this on their own.  There really is no alternative. 

Let's just hope that I can use the tips he gave me and continue on my own path with some success.  But I will always be thinking in the back of my mind, what I could have achieved with the guidance of a pro at my beckon call. 

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Chantale said...

Not true...my friend Jason is a Triathelete and just found mentors online through the tri sites....guess depends on what you want to do. and he saw a Natropath for food accessments