Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Purse Nightmare continues....

You all know how I feel about purses.  They are evil things.  Women, in general, wait until the last minute to riffle through them leaving the population behind them waiting in frustration as hell freezes over. 

Today it was alllll taken to another level.  While in line to the coffee machines (about 8 of us), the lead woman had put her purse on the floor and was kicking it along the line as she got closer to the machines.  Once there, she poured her coffee and continued to shuffle down to the cashier.  Once there, when asked for her money she felt around her upper body for her purse.  Alas it wasn't there.  Duh.  So she started to panic until someone pointed it out at her feet.  She then spend what seemed like 5 minutes thanking this person...all the while the purse was still on the floor and the rest of us waiting.  Finally she picked it up and started taking things out of it in order to reach her wallet.  At this point I almost walked up to her and poured my coffee in her purse.  I was so tempted. 

There should be a sign or rules for lines.  Be prepared.  No tiny wallets in the bottom of luggage sized purses.  Cmon! 

I have issues...I know.  Shut up.

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Anonymous said...

Both Joel & I got a chuckle out of the .. "I almost walked up to her and poured my coffee in her purse". I know it was frustrating as we've been there before. I do carry a purse, medium size, but I swear I ALWAYS have my wallet or cash or card ready when I get to the cash. ~christin~