Sunday, November 6, 2011


So as you know, I like taking inspiration from the people around me I am lucky enough to call friends.  I think it is important to share the successes of others and let them know that their efforts are making a difference, not only to themselves but to others around them.

In this installment, I bring your attention to Lee.  About 9 months ago, Lee was an employee at the Goodlife I go to and someone I saw almost everyday.  It was also about 9 months ago that Lee decided he wanted to compete in his very first body building competition.  Now keep in mind that Lee had the body we all have.  Well normal people anyway.  He was a big boy.  That certainly changed over the 9 months. 

Here is Lee now, after all his training, AND after WINNING first place in his very first competition.  Great job buddy. (Lee is in the middle of the group)

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